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I want to buy a boat for £30,000 but it is currently in Portugal. Can I still get finance for it?

3 January, 2017

Hi James, Thanks for enquiring about finance for a boat. As long as you live in the UK we can still help you. We have some lenders that are happy with purchases abroad. Please complete our online application or call […]

Can you help me finance a boat motor?

5 May, 2016

Hello there! Thanks for your question – we certainly can. In addition to a wide range of boat finance options, we’re also able to help customers find the funds for any marine equipment they need – meaning you can buy […]

I’m looking for boat finance with no deposit required. Can you help?

5 May, 2016

Hello! If you’re hunting for a marine finance deal but would rather avoid paying a deposit, we can definitely help with that. We believe in giving our customers the freedom to choose an agreement that suits their circumstances – and […]

Can I apply for boat loans online?

5 May, 2016

Hey there. Absolutely you can – applying for boat loans online couldn’t be easier! Thanks to our simple online form, applying for a boat finance deal takes a matter of minutes – and one of our friendly finance advisors will […]

How can I find the best boat loan interest rates?

5 May, 2016

Hi there! When it comes to boat loans, interest rates are influenced by your credit rating. Applicants with lower scores present a higher level of risk to marine finance lenders and are therefore charged a higher level of interest on […]

How does a marine mortgage calculator work?

5 May, 2016

Hi! Marine mortgage calculators (otherwise known as boat mortgage calculators and marine finance calculators) are the easiest way to get an online quote before committing to an application for boat finance. With our marine mortgage calculator, you can select how […]

Do you offer boat loans for people with bad credit scores?

5 May, 2016

Hi there – thanks for your question! We actually specialise in bad credit boat loans – meaning applicants with a history of financial difficulties can still find an affordable deal on the boat they want. It’s worth noting that poor […]

Can you tell me if you can help we with jet ski finance even if my credit rating is not too good. I had a spot of financial difficulty about a year ago and missed a few payments on my credit card and a bank loan that I had. I googled “bad credit jet ski finance” and your website popped up so I thought I’d drop you a line. I am all caught up know but am finding it hard to obtain finance though the jet ski dealer that I’ve been talking to. I have found a Yamaha FXSVHO Cruiser that I would really like and is £13500. It is a 2015 model and is like brand new. I really hope you can help as it would make my children summer holiday this year!

22 April, 2016

Hi Craig and thanks for your email regarding bad credit jet ski finance. You have definitely come to the right place as we specialise in helping people with poor credit history and have lenders that understand your situation. Most of […]

Dear Sirs. I was recommended to you by a friend who arranged a loan from you recently for a jet ski. I would also like to upgrade my jet ski and have found a really nice Sea-doo for sale that I would like to purchase. It is being sold by Offshore Performance in Poole, Dorset and is a 2015 GTI Limited 155. It is a 3 seater, has 155 BHP and is brand new. The asking price is £11899 inc VAT and if possible I would like to borrow the whole amount. Can you tell me whether I would have to pay a deposit and how many years I can spread the payments over?

22 April, 2016

Hi Felix and thanks for your email regarding jet ski finance. Firstly please thank your friend for recommending us, we are really pleased that they were happy with our service. The GTi limited jet ski has been quite popular in […]

I’ve found a Cornish Yawl I’m interested in buying but need to investigate the yacht finance options. The yacht is being sold via a marina in Dorset and is up for £24,995, I do have a deposit (which I know I’ll need) but would like to borrow around £20,000. Do you have any options which would be suitable for me?

22 April, 2016

Hi Patrick, Thanks for sending over the images of this yacht, it looks lovely. Pegasus Marine Finance are the ‘new age’ yacht finance company and we look at things differently. As long as the customer has a pretty good credit […]