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I would like to buy a narrowboat on finance. I have read articles in the press about Pegasus doing things differently – What is different?

Hi there, thank you for getting in touch about how we at Pegasus Marine Finance are setting ourselves apart from the traditional boat finance lenders.

To start with we are a specialist finance broker, not a bank or a lender. Some members of the public have an aversion to dealing with brokers but in reality Pegasus Finance act as professionals on your behalf to find the best boat finance available to suit you needs. Our panel of lenders respect our business and make exclusive rates available if arranged through us.

As a result for all our efforts, you the customer, will benefit from low interest rates and flexible terms for narrowboat finance.

Traditionally boat finance has been offered by a limited number of financial institutions, all insisting upon large deposits of up to 30% and expensive boat surveys, etc. Pegasus Marine Finance however are happy to arrange 100% of the sale price of the boat and then even add on additional expenses you may incur, such as insurance, equipment or mooring fees.

I would suggest for details on how we can help you specifically, simply call us on 0800 066 2882, we’re here to help.

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