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How does a marine mortgage calculator work?

Hi! Marine mortgage calculators (otherwise known as boat mortgage calculators and marine finance calculators) are the easiest way to get an online quote before committing to an application for boat finance.

With our marine mortgage calculator, you can select how much you’d like to borrow and how long you’d like to repay your loan – then once we have your credit rating, we’ll be able to calculate a Representative APR rate and, subsequently, the monthly repayments you’ll be expected to make.

The amount you’ll be asked to repay each month is directly influenced by your loan amount and term, as well as your credit score – meaning applicants with a lower rating will be subject to higher interest rates. If you aren’t sure how you score, head to Experian for a free credit check before using the marine finance calculator.

Try ours when you’re ready for a quick online estimate.

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