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I have found a motor boat that I am interested in and wondered whether you can help me arrange finance. It is a Wellcraft Scarab 31 Excel and is for sale privately in Strathclyde, Scotland. Not sure what you need to know but it 31ft long and was manufactured in 1991. (You can probably find the details easily enough on if you want to take a look.) It’s in great condition and is up for £30,000 although I think that I might be able to get a bit of a deal. I noticed on your website that you may still be able to offer motor boat finance even if being sold privately. Can you confirm this is correct and give me an idea of payments if I borrowed £25,000 on your longest term and lowest interest rate.

Hi Stephen and thanks for your email regarding motor boat finance.

I did manage to find the advert online and it does look really nice!

As you correctly noticed on our website we are able to arrange a boat loan for the £25,000 you require even if the seller is a private owner. We could arrange this over a term of up to 7 years if required to keep the monthly payment affordable for you.

We don’t require a large deposit or any expensive survey but we will need to take an application from you to enable us to quote the lowest interest rate available to you.

You can either do this online or can phone us on 0800 066 2882 to speak to one of our friendly finance advisors. We look forward to helping you with your new purchase.

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