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Boost sales with video

January 4, 2017

Pegasus Marine Finance | Boost sales with videoBoat brokers are often traditional types but that doesn’t mean you have to sell your craft in the same way year after year.

The power of video is incredible and the influence it has upon customers is powerful. Have you ever thought about adopting video as a tool to increase brand awareness and sales?

For many years motor traders have been producing “walkaround'” videos pointing out the features and benefits each vehicle. You then post your video on YouTube, a site that’s visited by millions of viewers each day.

Top tips on creating your ad;

  1. Moor your boat in an attractive location that’s free of background noise.
  2. Briefly rehearse what you want to show and say in the video. If you don’t like talking on camera, don’t – you can simply add royalty free music when posting on Youtube.
  3. Start your walkaround showing the whole boat, then move in closer, walking slowly all the way round.
  4. Provide basic information, including the boat’s year, make, model, approximate running hours and any special features or damage.
  5. Don’t try to hype the boat in your narration, potential buyers don’t like dealing with high-pressure salesman and will feel more comfortable calling you.
  6. Keep the video short ”” under 2-3 minutes ”” trying to create one continuous take to avoid the need for editing.

To improve the quality of the video;

  1. Shoot several versions and review them all to see which is best.
  2. If possible, record the video just before sundown, when there are fewer shadows and the light is most attractive.
  3. Watch out for harsh reflections from the chrome, which will streak the video.
  4. Try to keep your shadow and reflection out of the shot.
  5. Don’t mention price in the video, since that might be changing. You don’t want to have to re-record the video.

We hope your video adverts have the desired affect and you attract customers in a new way. With a little more effort you may be able to create something a little more adventurous such as the example below we made for one of our classic car dealers.

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